About Us

What is a Magnetapick and How Does It Work? Magnetapick is a neodymium magnetized guitar pick that combines the power of magnetism with guitar playing! Magnetapick will adhere to your strings, post, microphone stand, or most metal surfaces! This way you will never lose another guitar pick again! Do Magnetapicks work for all guitars? Yes! You can use Magnetapicks with all guitars and it will not interfere with pickups on electric guitars.
The patented Magnetapick sticks and stays where you put it. Have you ever had to search in your pockets and cases for picks? Have you ever "lost" picks under sofa cushions or behind amplifiers? Now your pick will be exactly where you placed it with Magnetapick!
What are the advantages of using Magneta Pick?
  • Increases blood flow to your hand during use
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Sticks to strings on all electric guitars
  • Sticks to strings or post of most acoustic guitars
  • Thickness of MagnetaPick is a heavy
  • Cool design
  • Made in the USA!